There is a lot of troubleshooting and problem solving when you begin to implement an interior design. Items can sell out, items can arrive that look different to the images online, items can arrive the wrong size or technical difficulties can arise as you get to the nitty gritty details. There are often design changes that need to take place mid-project management to accommodate for this and you will need to make those adjustments yourself. If you are installing the project on your own you need to be mindful of issues that could arise for example you’ll need to check if the couch you want can fit around your apartment stairwell or tight corners during delivery? Or if installing wallpaper you will need to make sure your wall is skimmed so no plaster imperfections in the wall appear through the paper. It is important to see all samples in person and preferably together before placing large orders. The more research you do beforehand the better. Our consulting service is based on online stock at time of design, online measurements and online samples/colours.