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Interior Design

Interior Design2023-12-14T15:16:44+02:00

Are you wondering how to make your home more stylish while keeping the interiors easy to live with and maintain? I can help. My signature style is high impact, monochromatic and contemporary interiors that lean towards warm minimalism, but I work in any style. My services are custom designed for each project and I’m able to assist to change anything from the layout of your space, to the finishes and the furniture. We’ve worked on everything from consulting on DIY home renovations and decorating that have gone wrong to making strategic changes throughout a property to give an overall lift. To find out more about our approach check out our about page with FAQ’s and information on pricing.


Advising on architectural changes: moving walls, letting light in, changing the way you live in the space and making sense of layout oddities

  • Advising on exterior renovation, colour palette changes and landscaping changes

  • Advising on pre-sale improvements

  • Advising on pre-purchase property potential


  • Kitchen design + renovation

  • Cabinetry design + installation

  • Bathroom fitting specification + layout

  • Floor + wall finishes selection

  • Wallpaper selection + installation

  • Lighting selection + installation

Furniture + Decor

  • Interior design + decorating

  • Art sourcing + installation

  • Furniture layout + space planning

  • Curtain + blinds installation

  • Custom furniture design + manufacture

  • Accessory sourcing + styling (including pre-sale sprucing)

The sky is the limit for interior design but Lucy accommodates for all budgets, big or small. She is very punctual on delivery and it was nice working with her. The best part was to hear the ‘woah’s’ and ‘wow’s’ as people step through the door.

Dora, Fourways Developer

Love every bit of everything you have recommended and executed in style. Your level of professionalism and the way you coordinated your teams is just exceptional. You are extremely talented and skilled. Thank you! Really beautiful and so many comments received.

Pam, Sandton Home Owner

Lucy knows how to make the most of any room. She transformed our empty house into a comfortable home within a day, ensuring a far more successful listing. Her practical advice also helped to make the most of our new home. I don’t think I’ll ever decorate or sell a property again without consulting her first.

Catherine, Craighall Home Owner
What does it cost to renovate and furnish a home?

Frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about both interior design in general and how we work specifically so that you have as much information as possible when deciding how you are going to approach your project. If you don’t find your answer below open a WhatsApp chat with us here.

Using an interior designer sounds expensive. Why do I need one?2023-12-13T16:05:06+02:00

While you do pay extra for interior design services one should not assume that there is no cost to doing it yourself. Buying the wrong pieces, spending money and the room not coming together in the end, not knowing about diverse products at diverse prices or making choices that don’t work all come at a cost. A project also takes many hours and many weekends and that time comes at your own labour cost. Hiring an interior designer helps to avoid wasted time and money due to mistakes and their involvement in a project results in a better end result than most people could achieve on their own. An interior designer will also be entirely dedicated to completing the project and has buying power with suppliers resulting in quicker snag resolution and you finally getting the project complete.

What does it cost to hire an interior designer in South Africa2024-01-16T15:22:47+02:00

Interior Designers charge in different ways from fixed fees to a percentage of the overall project. Companies with multiple designers have high overheads so working directly with one designer usually cost’s less. While some charge lower fees they charge higher margins to compensate for this. So you could pay a fee of 10% but then 30% is added onto every product. Or you could be charged a fee of 25% and no margins are added. You can only tell the true cost of the project by seeing the overall line item budget or past projects which is why we provide these to our clients. We charge a fee of 20% and retain trade discounts. We do not add hidden margins on any retail item and show clients past projects to get a sense of costs. If an item goes on sale during a project our clients only pay the sale prices and we shop around to ensure we’ve found the product at the lowest cost and direct from manufacturer or importer where possible.

Can you furnish a property one room at a time when working with an interior designer?2023-11-20T12:15:05+02:00

Yes we have worked on homes for over a year tackling one room at a time as finances allow. This also gives clients a greater sense of security that we are fulfilling their requirements before taking on a larger project. Whether it is one room or an entire house we always develop a visual language for the entire project first by producing a mood board and concept so that future rooms are working towards a plan.

How long does it take for an interior designer to furnish a home?2023-11-20T12:15:05+02:00

The entire process from first meeting to hand over takes 12 weeks. We take 4 weeks for the design process (where we move from brief through to concept and final interior design catalogue with every specific choice shown and priced) and 6-8 weeks for production. Most retail stores and manufacturers have these lead times and load shedding does not allow for rushed projects.

How much does it cost to furnish an entire home from scratch in South Africa?2023-11-20T12:15:05+02:00

A good gauge is that you are likely to spend a minimum of 10% – 20% of the value of the home on furnishing, adding curtains and decorating an empty property from scratch depending on the scale of the property and the level of luxury. If you already have base furniture pieces and are just adding rugs, artworks, carpet and accessories then the cost is much lower.

How much does it cost to furnish and decorate one room in a property in South Africa?2023-11-20T12:15:05+02:00

A large empty stand alone room like a living room or master bedroom will cost a minimum of R100 000 (including basic curtains but excluding design fees and delivery). If a room has adjoining areas (kitchen, dining, lounge) then the decor in these areas works across multiple spaces bringing down the cost. We’ve furnished these spaces for R180 000 – R300 000.

At what stage of the project should you involve an interior designer?2023-11-20T12:15:05+02:00

It’s best to involve a designer as early on as possible in a consulting capacity as they will quickly pick up problems with layout and architecture before building starts. They can also recommend creative ideas to save money and provide big picture input which can significantly affect the overall success of the project. As home stagers we also weigh in on how to avoid over capitalising when embarking on a renovation.

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