80% of buyers view homes online first. Empty properties don’t show size or layout and therefore attract less people as the buyer needs to do more work to figure out the space. In the convenience of searching online with hundreds of other properties just a click away, you need to make the buyers job easy and get their attention fast. Anytime a buyer needs to make a concession when buying a property they can simply choose to walk away from the deal or lower their offer. Home staging is about proactively dealing with issues prior to showing your home so that when someone sees it for the first time they get a better first impression and automatically value your home in a different category. Most buyers would prefer to move into a space without major issues that they need to address. This doesn’t mean it is worth it to make your house the best on the street by pouring in hundreds of thousands of rands to renovate in the short term. But this does mean cosmetic fixes and adding a bit of charm and something loveable to the space and showing buyers the potential in its current state. If you wouldn’t wear your pyjamas to a job interview then it makes sense not to try sell without staging.